Information on how to reconcile environmental responsibility of your business and generate income through alternative energies. Nice reading to all.

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Eco friendly bycicle

With the increased attention to the earth and saving energy, , the desire to participate actively in increasing the longevity of Earth’s life has been heightened a lot. In order to do so, the best is to choose an eco-friendly bike.

The Ultra Motor A2B Bike is a unique hybrid bike which can be powered by manual pedalling or using the lithium ion battery. The bike becomes ideal for slightly long trips, allowing you to save energy and use it like a non-motor bike by pedalling and giving your body some extra exercise and shifting to the battery powered motor when the going gets tough. With the motor, the bike can hit speeds of 20mph. If this isn’t fast enough for you, you can attach another battery and go twice the speed. Good trip !

Best places for oceanic winds

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You have been regularly spoken of the potential of the seas and oceans as a source of renewable energy (some would think we could also convert the energies which revolve around the ocean on an almost unlimited power).

The most fertile field in the ocean, the wind, hence the development of wind farms called "offshore", ie at large, where the wind is more stable. The EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) has anticipated that the offshore wind power capacity than wind "land" in the mid-2020s. Needless to say tomorrow.

The team of Tomohty Liu and his colleagues from the famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, which has compiled 8 years of mapping data to establish an accurate map of the winds over the oceans, raising for the wind industry the best places to place farms.

What you notice when seeing this map, is the persistence of the strength of ocean winds in some areas (South of New Zealand, North Atlantic, Indian Ocean in the far south). In these areas, the winds are above 15m / s (against a maximum of 9m / s over land) or a possible harvest of 500 to 800 watts of wind power per square meter.

Some figures to recall the news of the offshore production:
160 MW (size of the largest offshore park, off of Denmark)
2454 MW (French wind power capacity in 2007)
3.3% (contribution of wind power electricity in french production)


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"As the time of the pioneers of the Internet, Americans are leading the dance, with almost $ 5 billion provided to green start-up last year, mainly in solar, biofuels and solutions to save the energy. Europeans are also in the race (about 1.5 billion dollars), and on different niches: wind energy, waste management, batteries ...

As for the Israelis (more than 100 million dollars in funding year past, according to a survey Valley Israel), they focus on solar photovoltaic and water treatment. And the crisis does not slow the influx of money: According to Ernst & Young, there will always be money for this field this year but start-up of the Internet and biotechnology will suffer...

The green business has its young prodigies, like Shai Agassi. The Israeli 40 years was a leader of SAP, the world's No. 1 software company, when he left everything to start in late 2007, a project that could revolutionize the automotive industry. Based in Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley's start-up Better Place intends to set up logistics for imposing the electric car: a network of terminals to "full" power and especially gas stations of a new genre, where drivers could quickly change a battery.

Two years after creating his company, Agassi has already raised $ 200 million to finance this ambitious vision. He also concluded agreements with the Israeli and Danish governments to build its first two facilities. Additional level of credibility, Renault-Nissan has committed to offering the lease, in 2011, electric cars are compatible with the system designed by Better Place, equipped with batteries with a life of 160 kilometers. "--

The low temperature solar thermal

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Sunlight, trapped by glass sensors transmit their energy to absorbing metal - which warms a network of copper pipes which circulates a heat transfer fluid. This device in turn heats the water stored in a cumulus. A solar water heater produces hot water or heating generally distributed by a "direct solar floor.
All devices that act as solar thermal collectors are increasingly integrated into the bio-architecture projects (solar homes, greenhouses, walls, sensors, Trombe walls ...).
The solar thermal and solar water heaters is growing dramatically in France.

Tax credit and aid from local authorities are particularly incentives.
Photo credit: Viessmann

McDonald's, reducing energy costs and operations through technology Echelon

Echelon Corporation, a leading provider of networking technologies used to control and reduce energy consumption, announced that the company chose McDonald's LonWorks ® technology to network equipment of the kitchens of his restaurants to create the Kitchen of the Future ", which will reduce energy consumption and improve operating conditions. After an evaluation of the standard pointed NAFEM, McDonald's has chosen Echelon LonWorks platform because its bidirectional communication capability it seemed better adapted to future applications that could develop.
The LonWorks platform is an international standard in terms of control networks (North America, China) and automation of the building, recognized by many of the largest home automation companies in the world. Furthermore, the LonWorks platform is designed to enable effective communication, reliable and flexible regardless of the number of machines or devices used. Approximately 100 million devices are now equipped with LonWorks technology around the world, in sectors ranging from highly commercial buildings to scientific research equipment through hospitals and public transport systems. That is why the LonWorks platform provides a solution recognized internationally in terms of products, services and capacity for integration.

The LonWorks platform enables McDonald's to easily integrate its kitchen equipment and infrastructure. This allows providers to McDonald's to use common tools, infrastructure and technology to better manage energy costs and use in their restaurants. Technology signaling powerline Echelon is based on the LonWorks platform, a platform for open control network that is widely used in many key sectors such as electricity supply, consumer products, the automation of commercial buildings, lighting systems, public transport and industrial controls.

The interoperable LonWorks platform means that McDonald's can buy equipment from different manufacturers will be able to work on a single network. This enables McDonald's to combine equipment from different suppliers and franchises with multiple institutions to easily move equipment from one place to another. The system can be easily changed, moved and enlarged. Communication networks powerline are easy to install and offer a "plug, it's done."

An ordinary power outlet becomes a network connection, using the power lines already existing in the building as a means of communication. The installation of the network do not require new cables, setting up is quick and cheap compared to other solutions. For "kitchen equipment smart" McDonald's, the powerline communication allows them to configure their kitchen whatever the site while maintaining reliable communication. If a restaurant needs to shift part of the equipment, no additional network configuration is required. The head remove the equipment, moves, and reconnect.

Fast food has a large number of components, which all need electricity, making the current holder the best choice as a means of communication. Furthermore as the number of people in the kitchen constantly changes, as the actual location of equipment, the reliability of the radio frequency becomes unpredictable. The movement of people and objects mitigate radio frequency signals, which means that at one point a radio signal can be picked up or not.

The permanent level of uncertainty is unacceptable in a business environment where quality service is a major priority. In the current market, the radio is still an immature technology which responds to very specific needs for a limited number of sensors or points I / O (input and output) at a distance but it can not be subject to obtain a complete and reliable solution for network monitoring or building automation. About Echelon Corporation Echelon Corporation, a pioneer and world leader in network management controls that provides products and systems to monitor and save energy, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve services, quality and convenience by networking devices for use in buildings, industrial plants, transportation systems.

Tens of millions of smart devices based on LonWorks ® products and systems Echelon NES (Networked Energy Services) are used in the world today. They are guaranteed benefits for consumers and industry.

To stimulate growth Telecom, think 'Green Network Equipment

Many telecom companies have committed to plans to reduce carbon, their growth forecasts in the coming years will result in more and more by setting up network with "green" equipment. With the huge growth coming in developing countries as well as poor infrastructure, the telecommunications industry will be forced to create more communication and bandwidth with less, according to Pike Green Telecom Networks .

This means a basic change more effective in switching centers and equipment that consume less electricity. For companies with mobile base stations and switching centers consoante 70-80 percent of total energy. Possible solutions to reduce energy use include the improvement of radio frequency amplifiers, the new network architectures, cooling solutions of fresh air and sustainable off-grid power for remote locations. Pike Research estimated a potential of reducing emissions by 41 percent. For fixed line phone business, Pike Research expects a reduction of 14 per cent of emissions by 2013, due to technological improvements and declining customer.

Many cell phone companies are introducing energy saving in their equipment. The environmental trend was a favorite theme of the exhibition Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Leading manufacturers of mobile phones were not left for their willingness to pay more attention to respect for the environment with the use of recycled materials and chargers consume very little power in standby. Samsung, with its Blue Earth, has unveiled a model with solar panels, while LG Electronics was the same with this prototype on its stand.

At Sony Ericsson also is working on thinking of "green"solutions. In September 2008 we had Sony Ericsson announced the launch of Greenheart, to facilitate the reflex recycling old mobiles. But the manufacturer has also unveiled its own concept of moving more environmentally friendly.

It consists of biodegradable plastic shells, keyboards recycled plastics and it uses a loader Economic consuming only 3.5 mW in standby, while manuals are provided in digital form. Sony Ericsson is also committed to respect the highest standards in the use of hazardous substances.

It will also seek to reduce its CO2 emissions. C 'is a structured program that is put in place, like the Nokia major initiatives around recycling and the theme "do more with less ".