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McDonald's, reducing energy costs and operations through technology Echelon

Echelon Corporation, a leading provider of networking technologies used to control and reduce energy consumption, announced that the company chose McDonald's LonWorks ® technology to network equipment of the kitchens of his restaurants to create the Kitchen of the Future ", which will reduce energy consumption and improve operating conditions. After an evaluation of the standard pointed NAFEM, McDonald's has chosen Echelon LonWorks platform because its bidirectional communication capability it seemed better adapted to future applications that could develop.
The LonWorks platform is an international standard in terms of control networks (North America, China) and automation of the building, recognized by many of the largest home automation companies in the world. Furthermore, the LonWorks platform is designed to enable effective communication, reliable and flexible regardless of the number of machines or devices used. Approximately 100 million devices are now equipped with LonWorks technology around the world, in sectors ranging from highly commercial buildings to scientific research equipment through hospitals and public transport systems. That is why the LonWorks platform provides a solution recognized internationally in terms of products, services and capacity for integration.

The LonWorks platform enables McDonald's to easily integrate its kitchen equipment and infrastructure. This allows providers to McDonald's to use common tools, infrastructure and technology to better manage energy costs and use in their restaurants. Technology signaling powerline Echelon is based on the LonWorks platform, a platform for open control network that is widely used in many key sectors such as electricity supply, consumer products, the automation of commercial buildings, lighting systems, public transport and industrial controls.

The interoperable LonWorks platform means that McDonald's can buy equipment from different manufacturers will be able to work on a single network. This enables McDonald's to combine equipment from different suppliers and franchises with multiple institutions to easily move equipment from one place to another. The system can be easily changed, moved and enlarged. Communication networks powerline are easy to install and offer a "plug, it's done."

An ordinary power outlet becomes a network connection, using the power lines already existing in the building as a means of communication. The installation of the network do not require new cables, setting up is quick and cheap compared to other solutions. For "kitchen equipment smart" McDonald's, the powerline communication allows them to configure their kitchen whatever the site while maintaining reliable communication. If a restaurant needs to shift part of the equipment, no additional network configuration is required. The head remove the equipment, moves, and reconnect.

Fast food has a large number of components, which all need electricity, making the current holder the best choice as a means of communication. Furthermore as the number of people in the kitchen constantly changes, as the actual location of equipment, the reliability of the radio frequency becomes unpredictable. The movement of people and objects mitigate radio frequency signals, which means that at one point a radio signal can be picked up or not.

The permanent level of uncertainty is unacceptable in a business environment where quality service is a major priority. In the current market, the radio is still an immature technology which responds to very specific needs for a limited number of sensors or points I / O (input and output) at a distance but it can not be subject to obtain a complete and reliable solution for network monitoring or building automation. About Echelon Corporation Echelon Corporation, a pioneer and world leader in network management controls that provides products and systems to monitor and save energy, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve services, quality and convenience by networking devices for use in buildings, industrial plants, transportation systems.

Tens of millions of smart devices based on LonWorks ® products and systems Echelon NES (Networked Energy Services) are used in the world today. They are guaranteed benefits for consumers and industry.

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