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To stimulate growth Telecom, think 'Green Network Equipment

Many telecom companies have committed to plans to reduce carbon, their growth forecasts in the coming years will result in more and more by setting up network with "green" equipment. With the huge growth coming in developing countries as well as poor infrastructure, the telecommunications industry will be forced to create more communication and bandwidth with less, according to Pike Green Telecom Networks .

This means a basic change more effective in switching centers and equipment that consume less electricity. For companies with mobile base stations and switching centers consoante 70-80 percent of total energy. Possible solutions to reduce energy use include the improvement of radio frequency amplifiers, the new network architectures, cooling solutions of fresh air and sustainable off-grid power for remote locations. Pike Research estimated a potential of reducing emissions by 41 percent. For fixed line phone business, Pike Research expects a reduction of 14 per cent of emissions by 2013, due to technological improvements and declining customer.

Many cell phone companies are introducing energy saving in their equipment. The environmental trend was a favorite theme of the exhibition Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Leading manufacturers of mobile phones were not left for their willingness to pay more attention to respect for the environment with the use of recycled materials and chargers consume very little power in standby. Samsung, with its Blue Earth, has unveiled a model with solar panels, while LG Electronics was the same with this prototype on its stand.

At Sony Ericsson also is working on thinking of "green"solutions. In September 2008 we had Sony Ericsson announced the launch of Greenheart, to facilitate the reflex recycling old mobiles. But the manufacturer has also unveiled its own concept of moving more environmentally friendly.

It consists of biodegradable plastic shells, keyboards recycled plastics and it uses a loader Economic consuming only 3.5 mW in standby, while manuals are provided in digital form. Sony Ericsson is also committed to respect the highest standards in the use of hazardous substances.

It will also seek to reduce its CO2 emissions. C 'is a structured program that is put in place, like the Nokia major initiatives around recycling and the theme "do more with less ".

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