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Best places for oceanic winds

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You have been regularly spoken of the potential of the seas and oceans as a source of renewable energy (some would think we could also convert the energies which revolve around the ocean on an almost unlimited power).

The most fertile field in the ocean, the wind, hence the development of wind farms called "offshore", ie at large, where the wind is more stable. The EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) has anticipated that the offshore wind power capacity than wind "land" in the mid-2020s. Needless to say tomorrow.

The team of Tomohty Liu and his colleagues from the famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, which has compiled 8 years of mapping data to establish an accurate map of the winds over the oceans, raising for the wind industry the best places to place farms.

What you notice when seeing this map, is the persistence of the strength of ocean winds in some areas (South of New Zealand, North Atlantic, Indian Ocean in the far south). In these areas, the winds are above 15m / s (against a maximum of 9m / s over land) or a possible harvest of 500 to 800 watts of wind power per square meter.

Some figures to recall the news of the offshore production:
160 MW (size of the largest offshore park, off of Denmark)
2454 MW (French wind power capacity in 2007)
3.3% (contribution of wind power electricity in french production)

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